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Automatic Textile Fire Protection Curtains
Description of the system:
- high level of standardization which leads to an economic sealing system with a maximumwidth of up to 12 meters and a drop length of up to30 meters;
- high amount of loops (5000 loops) for the system and the motors;
- different protection targets E, EW, El by using different types of fabric;
- side guides with buttons.
- Fireproof 120E
- Withstand 5000 loops
- Doesn’t require electricity to drop the curtain during the fire
- Huge size up to 30 meters width and 12 meters height
- Light weight
- Good appearance
- Less space needed for mounting
- Low requirements for fastening surface
- Cost-effective solution
- Short production time
Protection Concepts with Textile Fire Protection Curtain
Mechanical Construction